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With robots
tiem:2014-01-20 15:19:59

    As the world's most populous nation, large quantities of cheap labor is one of the main driving force for the rapid development Chinese manufacturing; similarly, reasonable, efficient digestion of these labour has been a focus, the policies China so, when the robot "tide" incoming, whether robots will expel workers, deterioration China employment rate has become the focus of debate.
    From "N even jump" from Foxconn in recent years began to migrate to Henan, Sichuan inland factory. But even in the local government go to all lengths, with even at all costs, Foxconn employment difficult, difficult management problems has not been radical. Of course, Foxconn this is not prepared, in Shanxi Jincheng Industrial Park, code named "Foxconn robot Foxbot" are wildly beating gongs and drums to production. According to Foxconn, in 2016, the world's largest production base of intelligent robots will become "here"
    China is experiencing dramatic changes in society, which is reflected in the labor -- 20 years ago, workers and the workers now, already cannot be mentioned in the same breath. "This trend, began about 5 years ago, this also is Foxconn is now the biggest problem -- the old way of management and work content cannot fit the needs of young people," Wang Jian said, "now the labor shortage is not the lack of labor force, but after 80, 90 workers are no longer willing to work as the older generation. They come into contact with the world is much larger than just out from the rural areas, the old generation of migrant workers are exposed to the world. A new generation of migrants, not happy to leave, even jump off building are all labor-intensive enterprises have to face the problem. Work to bring them joy and satisfaction, the simple, repetitive, mechanical work for they no longer attractive." In Wang Jian's view, with robots is not competition, but must be added, "to the enterprise, the factory will not see people, production is not down, is the first problem."
    According to many predictions, China demographic dividend into next year will disappear, this is China as the world's "manufacturing base" will become the largest industrial robot market fundamental reason. At present, although the "service robot technology development" 1025 "planning" has been promulgated, but has not been clear in charge of the industry sector, no national standards testing center, there is no authoritative industry association. Perhaps, to make good use of this "Robot Revolution", than let immature enterprises in the industry competition is more important and urgent, Chinese robot industry from top to bottom of the national standards.

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