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       Tianjin Beiyang Chak Intelligent Robot Technology Co., Ltd. mainly produces universal robots and non-standard robots, and robots as well as non-standard contract finished robot supporting the design , development, production and application engineering . Currently I am in the car spraying, spraying and transfer wheels hanging , body turn hanging and conveying, handling and palletizing flour off the assembly line , battery sorting and other fields have achieved good results and users.

       Our company integrates in 2013 and the School of Mechanical Engineering , Tianjin University , Tianjin Bo Technology Electromechanical Technologies Ltd. ( Tianjin little giant enterprises ) the advantages of resources , and injected a lot of money , and strive to close a few years in the automotive, wheels, flour and the field of metallurgy achievements bigger and stronger, and look forward to know more friends , so that more businesses spend our products and enjoy our company's technology and services for customers to save production costs , improve efficiency, as we create more good space for development.
       Our core team : mechanically by the School of Mechanical Engineering , Tianjin University doctoral tutor , Ph.D., master composition, electrical and automation control by the Tianjin Electric Drive and Automation of senior electrical engineers. Formation of the team taking into account all ages , both theoretical and practical basis of mature , there are divergent thinking and vigorous vitality , both core and goals stable team concept , but also a detailed division of labor . We adhere to the theory and practice of combining an academic into products so that our customers can enjoy more cutting-edge , more sophisticated scientific and technological achievements , and this is a manifestation of our own values ​​.
       Our goal is to replace labor with machines . Mature, stable, efficient, reliable , energy saving, is the core of our manufacturing equipment purposes, but also our tireless goal. Currently my company contracted works and independent production robot 's Universal Robots have been widely recognized by the majority of users . Cutting-edge technology products incubation, molding products, regulate the production , application of mature products in the market , we have the standard operating procedures and codes of conduct , requiring customers to get in front of the product is perfect , perfect , complete , and fully meet the technical requirements the . Strictly regulate the management of our health has laid a solid foundation for growth .
       Tianjin Beiyang Chak Intelligent Robot Technology Co., customers willing to work together to mutual benefit , but also hope that we can witness our growth , witnessed China 's growth and progress of science and technology .

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