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The development strategy of industrial robot Chinese
tiem:2014-01-20 14:49:33
The rapid development of our national economy at present, advanced manufacturing industry has entered a new stage of development. With the economic globalization and the acceleration of the process, China manufacturing industry is facing with the international practice, to participate in international competition. How to adapt to the fast changing market demand at home and abroad, how to obtain the survival and development in the market with high quality, low cost, rapid response, is China's enterprises to unavoidable problem, these problems and provides a large market demand for the application of industrial robot, make the application of industrial robot market China mature.
Manufacture and application of the level of industrial robot represents the level of a country's manufacturing industry, so must recognize the importance of development China industrial robot industry from the national level, it is important to approach China's transformation from a big manufacturing country to a powerful nation. The development of Chinese robot industry is at a critical turning point, if the government support and a step forward, China robot industry will be over the "critical period", cross the last new step, entered the stage of rapid development.


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