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Chinese robot hard start
tiem:2014-01-20 15:14:25

      Xu Yong is Chinese industrial business group's chief operating officer, he said, is also foreign companies last year, this year China manufacturers of large-scale appearance fully shows that the rapid development of the industry. "For an exhibition, light is the booth fee will be 70~80 million, plus freight, move back and forth on the machinery and so on, spend at least 1000000; so, the strength of domestic manufacturers must also live good manufacturers". In this part of the business, Wang Jian thinks, Nanjing Estun is more prominent, "domestic manufacturers to start in small robot system integration difficulty is low, but they are in a short period of time into a large robot manufacturing ranks".
      Shenyang SIASUN Robot & Automation robot China Limited by Share Ltd is the largest manufacturing enterprise. But Wang Jian's view, the leader does not play a sufficient role, "key components of them, such as servo motor, reducer is still dependent on imports". This is a common portrayal Chinese robot industry -- the core technology and key components of heteronomy, and, almost all tracking imitation products, the innovation on a blank.
The key parts of the robot's applicability, such as high speed and high precision motion controller, AC servo motor is still unable to achieve localization; the reducer robot as an example, 75% of the products are Japanese companies monopoly, the domestic manufacturers can only buy in from the outside, nature makes the domestic robot manufacturing cost. "So, domestic manufacturers rely on to buy the machine is not to earn money, their profit space more lies in the late service, equipment repair, replacement parts, such as" Xu Yong such analysis to domestic manufacturers of the survival mode.
SIASUN chairman Qu Daokui also said, although they have a national "863 Program" support, but there is always a difficult to break through the bottleneck and restrict, be the first to bear the brunt of the basic parts manufacturing ability. Because of the industrial base Chinese relatively weak, unable to produce high performance materials required, or processing process is not up to the international first-class level, so the basic parts of both quality, product series, or mass production, have a big gap compared with foreign products, especially in the AC servo motor, high performance and high precision technology gap is obvious. These differences lead to key parts and components must rely on imports, the domestic robot price competitiveness -- in one machine, the core components of motor, servo drive, 60%~70%, China can do little, one can imagine the bargaining power of domestic brands.
Is not only the parts cost is high, a serious lack of innovation is the fatal weakness, tracking imitate foreign mature products "reverse engineering" mode is the domestic manufacturer leading technical route. But such a strategy for domestic manufacturers to survive certain. Guangzhou CNC is China largest CNC system of enterprises, from the end of 2006 into the robot, this is brought about by the RB series of industrial robot, the marketing manager Yang An told the reporters, RB series of servo motor and driver, and control of the overall operation of the motion control card with independent intellectual property rights, "domestic only our family can do at present, RV, speed reducer is imported from Japan, but when our overall strength is more and more strong, dependent on single components will be less"; "we are a robot in the price of about 14~15 million, for some customers, the use of domestic price is higher."
Weak in technology, natural let domestic manufacturers will own competitiveness of key tend to market strategy. Yang An think, compared with foreign giants, the domestic robot manufacturer's advantage, in addition to low-cost, and application service, "foreign companies not to disclose to giant core technology of domestic agents, and we are independent research and development, to the understanding of the product must be deep to know 'use' of domestic agents, so as to provide more timely, more targeted services. "
Xu Yong also think, even in the technical innovation, the domestic manufacturers are unable to fight with foreign companies, but still have a brilliant future in application. Because the robot industry has characteristics of diversification, fragmentation, need to face the different industries, different environment, different standards of work and service, even if is the mass production of robots also require customization changes, according to the actual situation so, domestic enterprises in market segments if appropriate strategies, introduce some cost-effective products, there are still a lot of opportunities. To those who seek products "minority" business day will be easy.

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